Green House Method: Not just for plants.

As many of you know, I am on a no-heat challenge with my natural hair. I started in November of last year, due to heat (and color) damage that my curls have suffered from because I can’t keep my hands to myself.

One of the worst symptoms of this damage is dry hair. My hair just doesn’t hold moisture. This is one of the basic elements needed for health hair. Since my goal is bra strap length curls, this just won’t do.

So researching ways to help my low porosity (Find out your hair porosity) hair retain moisture, I stumbled upon the green house method.

A friend of mine tried this a few years ago and it worked wonders for her, so I’m excited about seeing if it gives my thirsty curls a good burst of moisture.

There are different methods, of course, but the idea is to use the greenhouse method that is used for plants, on your hair.

The GHE method traps moisture in your hair while opening up your pores to receive that moisture as well. It also increase blood flow that stimulates hair follicles which does what? If you said help your hair grow…You guessed it! You was right!

Step 1: Spritz hair with water until damp

So if you’re on second or third day hair and don’t feel like wetting it all, just spritz it enough to become damp. I usually just do this after a co-wash since I can’t go many days without it.

Step 2: Apply product

Most curly girls who use this method do some type of oil. Use whatever product your hair likes, if you don’t know, I’d start off with a good water-based leave in or coconut oil. A lot of product is not needed, just section your hair (I do two or four depending on how lazy I’m feeling) and work it in.

Step 3: Cover up

Put a plastic cap over your hair and then put your favorite satin scarf/bonnet on over that. First night I did this, it was a little weird sleeping with the plastic cap, but you’ll get over it. Also keep a towel handy. If you sweat easily in your sleep, you may get a little leakage. If so, use less product the next time.

My little experiment with the GHE method began January 23. Doing it 2-3 times a week has gotten me these results.


The above picture is only after about a week and a half of doing this method. As you can see, the results are crazy! I noticed less frizz and more definition in my curls almost right away. I have a full sew in right now, so once it’s down I will do this again for about two weeks before my next protective style. I’m excited about seeing the long term results of this method.

Have you tried the GHE method? What products do you use? How often do you do it? Post your results! I want to know.


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