So you think you can write?

Write to Recover is about helping ourselves and others get to a point of continuous progression. There are many roads to recovery, which is why I want to build a team of bloggers. To risk sounding cliché, the Bible says where two or three are gathered, God is in the midst (Matt 18:20). So let’s put in the work and help God’s people recover!

I am looking for 2-3 bloggers to add to the Write to Recover team. Since this is a fairly new blog no monetary compensation is available, but as we grow it will be established.

I am not looking for expert or established writers. I am looking for people who have a heart to share or that are coping with a period of recovery themselves and wish to share their testimonies.

These positions will require you to post at least once a week. There will be spots for guest bloggers periodically, so if you would be more comfortable with that, feel free to apply as well.

Below are a list of the categories I am looking for, however it is not limited to this. If you have a topic or subject you’d like to cover, please feel free.


Health and Fitness

All things for physical recovery

Social Recovery

Relating entertainment to personal experience

Boys to Men

from the male perspective


If interested, please email me at with the information below:



Please include a sample blog (previously published or not is fine. 400-800 words).


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