Vday the Single Way

The month of love has arrived! Since it is also my birthday month, I am learning to love on God and myself. Although I would love to be in a healthy…keyword HEALTHY relationship, that’s not my reality right now and that’s okay. I wanted to revisit a blog I wrote last year for Domestic Queens.

Uh oh! Here it comes! The man-made holiday that was created to increase couple’s expectations and isolate single people from everyone else they know.

Valentine’s Day.

Sounds like a bitter, single woman right? Well, a few years ago I was. While in my former 7-year relationship, I had high expectations for Valentine’s Day. Matter of fact, the entire week was supposed to be devoted to me considering that my birthday is two days before. Although we never had “the perfect Valentine’s Day” at least I knew I had a Valentine to spend it with.

And then we broke up.

The first single Valentine’s Day I spent with myself was miserable. It had only been a few months since the break up and I half expected we’d be back together by then. The next year wasn’t so bad because I decided that I’d make the most of it and just love on myself. This year, I’ve decided that spending Valentine’s Day without a bae isn’t the worst thing that could happen. You just have to know how to celebrate when you’re single. Here is a list of things that will make your Valentine’s Day great.

Take a trip

This is my favorite way to celebrate. I’m a Midwest Winter baby, which means I’m always trying to go somewhere with nice weather for my birthday/Valentine’s. Plan a girls’ trip out of town. All of your friends are booed up? Go by yourself! Go to that museum you’ve always wanted to visit or visit a family member that’s out of town. The objective is to not just sit at home and scroll through social media feeling sorry for yourself. Get up and do something! Have fun! Enjoy yourself!

Plan a spa day

Relaxing. Rejuvenating. Peace. Your favorite spa is a great way to take your mind off of everyday life and just chill out. There is nothing like a good facial and rub down! This can also be a girls’ spa day for you and your other single friends. Reach out to them, but don’t make it a “I hate Valentine’s” type of outing. You don’t want to become bitter. We all know if you weren’t single, you’d be just as excited about Valentine’s Day yourself.

Bucket List

Write down a few things you’ve always wanted to do and DO IT! Simple as that. Trying something new may make you anxious, but attempting and succeeding at it is always a great feeling. This can be something as little or as big as you want it. It’s okay to take risk, you never know how it’ll turn out.

Work your business

“Best revenge is your paper!” Don’t just quote Beyoncé, but take her words to heart. Glow up on your ex by getting your life together. Nothing says I’m good on my own like expanding your business and developing multiple streams of income. Don’t have your own business? Be more productive at work or in an organization you’re a part of.

So, on February 14th, if you are single, don’t be depressed about it. If you can’t learn to spend time with yourself and love yourself, you won’t be able to successfully let anyone else do so in the future.

Relationships can take work and if you aren’t prepared to do that, you don’t need to be in one anyway. Enjoy your single life by reaching your goals and becoming a better person. Become the person not only someone else can fall in love with, but who you can fall in love with.

If you use any of these ideas or come up with your own, use #VDAYSINGLEWAY to share!


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