Lessons from Wakanda: Love and Purpose can co-exist.

I told you I wasn’t done with the Black Panther messages. This one might be my favorite.

One complete thought that I know everyone has about this movie is, “The women of Wakanda are lit!” Queens. Scientists. Warriors. Missionaries. And more. What was even more magically is how the men and Wakanda were completely in awe of their women.

This was definitely a welcomed feeling over the generalized societal view.

We see this a lot in our reality show-infested world. Woman gets with celebrity man. Celebrity man domesticates woman. Woman decides to grow. Man gets offended. Man leaves. (See Tiny, Juju and many more.)

There has always been an underlying issue with black woman being successful. No matter how much a man says he doesn’t mind a successful woman…he has conditions.

Wakanda touched on this in two very important relationships.


T’Challa and Nika

T’Challa had no problem showing his infatuation for his ex, Nika. The first scene is him coming to get her in his time of need. He went AND GOT HER! Dealing with the death of his father and his impending crowning, T’Challa needed her and he went and got her. Okay, I’ll stop saying it, but it was beautiful to me. Although he ended her mission shortly, she was important enough for T’Challa to need her.

He wasn’t very excited about her line of work, but he made sure to let her know that he wanted her to be his queen. In the end, he even found a way to make her purpose and his desire work together.

A man will make it work, when he truly wants to.

Okoye “General” and W’Kabi

Baby! The General was no joke. The truth definition of ride or die. Okoye was the general of the Dora Milaje, the protectors of the King of Wakanda. Fierce and loyal led her to an opposing side from her love, W’Kabi, who was led by his need for revenge for his parents’ death. In the end, Okoya stood her ground and pledged her loyalty to her country, even when it didn’t seem like the best thing to do. I don’t completely agree with her decision…because I definitely would have jumped ship when T’Challa was thrown over that waterfall…but I understood her stance. W’Kabi assessed his situation and realized losing his love wasn’t worth it.

Lesson # 2 from Wakanda: Love and purpose can co-exist.

Respect Bae

Love and respect must go hand in hand. If you love someone, you love their character, their drive, and their passion. You must respect Bae!

Respect yourself

It’s great to be in love…but make sure you are completely loving yourself as well. Respecting yourself enough to stand your ground.

Stay loyal to your purpose

Your calling and purpose is from God. Don’t let Bae keep you from your goals. Eventually, the right one will make room in his/her life for you AND your purpose.

What other lessons did you learn about love from Black Panther?

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