MOVE! You are not a tree…

Happy March guys!

I suck at consistency. This is definitely something I need to recovery from. ūüėÄ

I miss you guys. I’ve been super busy running a publishing company though…so there’s that.

Anywho. My current mood had allowed me to come up with a little message for those who feel stuck in life.

MOVE! You are not a tree.

Okay. So I didn’t actually come up with this. It’s heavily quoted online. How revolutionary is it though. You actually are not a tree. Which means you can move.

Granted. Some moves are easier than others. Some situations require a little more tact and finesse than just getting up and leaving. The move I am referring to is not literally. First and foremost…you have to move your mind.

I tested this theory during a recent workout. As a part of my physical recovery, I have set a goal to lose 60 pounds this year. One area that I really despise¬†is my flabs…I mean arms. This particular workout¬†involved a lot of arm movements. Of course, I began to get¬†tired and wanted to put my arms down. That’s when mission-oriented Cash¬†chimed in.

“¬†are you going to put your arms down¬†when¬†that’s ALL you been complaining about?”

But I’m tired!

“…So what?”

…But…I’m tired.

“Alright…well keep the flabs then.”

…Point made.

She had to talk me through the rest of that workout. The end result was victory. Burning flabs and all. This is just an example, but in any situation, we must remind ourselves of our goals and our purpose. There is no victory in quitting and no recovery in defeat.

I had to make up in my mind that my desire to have toned arms is more important than my desire for present comfort. Temporary things no longer satisfy me, because my mind has out grown it. There is a reason people who have recovered from something say that you have to make up your mind first. That’s what works. No way around it.

You may not be able to physically move on from a situation yet, but start moving your mind. I promise you God will do the rest.

Some of you may be thinking, “Okay…but how do I even do that?”m9610.jpg

Start paying attention to what you feed on. Clean up your social media feed. Listen to motivational podcasts instead of music for an hour or two a day. Read the Bible or another personal development book. Get around people who speak positivity into your life. Change what you watch. Be more proactive. These are just a few ways to begin to change your mindset and move.

I’d love to hear from you guys. What have you recovered from that started with a mental change? Share your thoughts. Let’s discuss!

Happy recovering, loves!

Ps. thanks to Jasmine @ Queen Sized for the nature shot! Check out her blog.

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