STL Women who Brunch

On March 24, 2018, I attended the 5th annual STL Women who Brunch hosted by Princess Stormm.  This year’s theme was, “Business, Branding, & Blogging.”

This was my third time attending the event. I usually host a vendor table for my novels, but this year, I wanted to just attend and soak up all the tips and experiences from the panel and keynote speaker.

If you are from or familiar with St. Louis, you probably know the host and the panelists. Ever since first talking with Princess Stormm in 2015 when I became a vendor at her event, I was impressed by her commitment to the community, especially unifying women. As a popular radio personality, I admire that she takes her role seriously, not only just with putting this event on every year, but all she does period.

One of the panelists, Katina Mims, was someone I have had the pleasure of hiring several times. Her company, Sweet Fixx, has blessed several of my events with amazing treats. She always makes my visions come true (I just love creative and pretty cakes). Not only that, she appreciates my business and calls the day after every order to make sure everything was great. Her story as a panelist really touched me.

Everyone who knows me, absolutely knows that I have wanted to move to Houston since high school. For one reason or another, it never panned out. I used to always think, God gave me this passion to move there for a reason, so why isn’t it happening. I had to seriously take a look and realize that maybe that isn’t God’s plan for me. Katina mentioned this very thing and even admitted her apprehension with leaving her 9-5. I couldn’t even fathom being as booked as she is a baker and owning a store front while working a 9-5! It helped settle my heart, however, to know women who were successfully were going through some of the same things as I was.

The other two panelists, Melanie Smith and Toi Hall, and the keynote speaker, Amour Jayda, also shared tips on things from securing your finances to knowing how to carefully pick those who you let into your business circle. Each lady was relatable and motivating and, as always, I was grateful to be in attendance.

Sidenote: I sat at the table with a girl who makes custom cat ears! How cool is that!

Below is more info on the panelists and speakers.

Melanie Smith Blisss Luxurious Hair |

Toi Hall  Toi Box Couture  |

Katina Mims Sweet Fixx  |

Amour Jayda |

I think it is important, especially for women, to be in a positive environment where we are allowed to be vulnerable, yet boss. One that encourages networking and collaboration instead of cattiness and competition. People are so afraid to fail sometimes that their strategy becomes to dim someone else’s light. These events remind me that there are so many women with their own lane that it’s not reason for me to be insecure about mine.

No one can do what I do. Being me is my job and if I am true to that and true to God, then nothing I do will be in vain. Our lights will shine and acknowledging another person’s light won’t make mine any less bright.

What events in your city inspire you to level up? Leveling up can be a multitude of things, not just business wise. This next chapter in my life will all be about elevation: Spiritually, physically, professional and more. Events such as these always motivate and inspire me.


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