Revise. Re-focus. RELAX!

Spring forward! Spring into action! No matter how long winter is, Spring will come.

There are probably more little phrases and sayings that you’ve heard about Spring.

According to Live Science, Spring is the season of new beginnings. “Fresh buds bloom, animals awaken and the earth seems to come to life again.” It’s a strong tie between fearing allergy season and preparing for sundress season.  

Spring comes after the Winter season; a period usually known for its cold. The trees and flowers are dead during this time, usually brown with no signs of life. We experience winter seasons in life, even when its not that time of the year. Relationships, career opportunities and friendships are a few of the areas that can experience a dead season. Bae isn’t acting right, your business seems to be at a standstill and you haven’t been clicking with your friends.

It’s time to stop crying over dead leaves, shake off the icicles, and get ready to bloom! Spring can be a new beginning in a new direction, but it can also be a new beginning for an old dream. Trees come back to life in the Spring, ponds thaw out and life thrives.

Spring is not only a noun, but it is an action. It means to move or jump suddenly or rapidly upward or forward, originate or arise from. If you’ve been stuck in a situation that is not giving you life, it’s time to jump out of it.

Here are three ways to get the most out of Spring 2018:


Take a look at your life. Your career choices. Your spiritual choices. Your physical (health) choices. Friendships. Relationships. Look at it all! Take note of those things that have some signs of life after the dead season and also take note of those things that are still dead. Decide what stays and what goes based on your goals. Key word is YOUR. Don’t let anyone make decisions for you. Take responsibility for cutting off dead ends and letting your life grow.


Everything that made the cut in your revision period needs a fresh, new focus! If your dreams seemed dead in the winter, strategize and find out where you went wrong. Start thinking differently and one way to do that is to follow those who have gone before you. Stop trying to re-invent the wheel. Time management is key during your re-focus period. We have to work smarter and not harder. Invest in yourself and your business by learning from your mistakes. We love to quote the definition of insanity, but we do it anyway…


If you know me, you know I’m all about trips! It’s okay to reward yourself for making it through a dead season in your life. Peace of mind is EVERYTHING! Don’t work yourself into the ground without taking a moment to enjoy your successes and growth. Go to a spa and enjoy a nice massage or facial. Book a hotel room and turn your phone off. More cost effective ways to relax or enjoying a walk, sitting at the lake with your favorite book or even taking a nice, long bubble bath. Just relax!


Remember: You didn’t die in the winter! Learn to enjoy the smell of your flowers while you’re alive.

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