7 Days of Self-love. Day 2.

Seven Days of Self- Love

QUEENSized Challenge

My awesome friend has created a challenge that I feel we all need to participate in. Go to her page for details. Below is my Day 2.

“When do you feel your best?”

I feel my best when I’m writing. I just passed 40,000 words on the novel I’m working on. It’s been a work in progress for some years. I stopped and wrote two other books before coming back to it and I’m very excited to be pushing through on it. I have it clear in my head so it shouldn’t be long before it’s done. I’m just really excited to get it over with. LOL.

I feel my best when I’m in any type of water. A tub, a pool, etc. I love water. It’s probably one of the few things I agree with my sign generalizations about. #TeamAQUARIUS. Water is so calming and cleansing that it just allows me to be vulnerable with myself. I think well in water. I cry sometimes. Mostly, I just relax and let it flow around me. I wrote a poem about the fluidity of water that will be featured in my next poetry collection. The love is that real!

I feel my best when God speaks to me. Doesn’t even have to be an audible voice. Confirmation of something I’d been thinking about. A worship song that touches my heart. A scripture or story that speaks to me. A writing bug hitting me all of the sudden. I know all of these things come from God and it just makes me feel special Like thanks for looking out, Dad! LOL

Honorable mentions: Good food. Foot rubs. A great playlist. Pushing through a hard workout. Getting my eyebrows just right. A nice hug. Love.

Task: Get up and do something that makes you feel great. I plan to finish a chapter today in my next novel, My Mother’s Child. After my workout this evening, I’m going to soak in the bath with a book. Sounds perfect right? When do you feel your best? What will you do today that makes you feel great? Are you taking the self-love challenge?

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