7 Days of Self Love. Day 3

My awesome friend has created a challenge that I feel we all need to participate in. Go to her page for details. Below is my Day 3.

“What doesn’t make you feel good?”

I’m not particularly fond of writer’s block. It irks my soul almost as much as revisions used to. I was very hell bent on never cutting anything from anything I’ve ever written. I learned the hard way in my MFA program that was not a realistic goal. Especially if I wanted to become a better writer and perfect my craft. Writer’s block though!? It sucks! That’s the only way I can explain it. For me, writing is breathing. It’s my connection to the Creator of my gift. It keeps me sane. So…you can imagine what not being able to do that feels like for me.

Complaining with no plan to move forward. Sometimes, I just want to yell. “Oh my goshhhhh. Shut upppppp!” That’s not very nice and I know it, but I feel like some people need to hear it. Even me at times. The thing is…staying focused on the problem is the problem! What are we doing to move forward? Where do we go from here? Let’s talk about all of that!

Liars. Lying is so disrespectfully offensive. Yes, I said disrespectfully offensive. It’s unnecessary to me. If you have to lie about something you did, you shouldn’t have done it.

Selfish people. Does this need an explanation?

One thought on “7 Days of Self Love. Day 3

  1. Queen Jazze says:

    I wanted to put liars and selfish people in my post too! But I thought that could just fall into my negative people spill. I hate writers block too and I suffer from it alllll the time. Which is why i start and finish so many things. Lawd you should see my google docs right now! its crazy.


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