7 Days of Self-Love. Day 5

QUEENSized Challenge

My awesome friend has created a challenge that I feel we all need to participate in. Go to her page for details. Below is my Day 5.


When I think about all the people who don’t have peace of mind or are able to think properly for themselves, I realize all that Intake for granted. Everyday that I can wake up and say “thank you Jesus” is a blessing. I am truly grateful for my sanity.

Marla V

All the things I thought I’d be. All the things I wish to me. Everything I can do, is because God blesses me with her. Even when I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything, she reminds me that I have and that she’s proud while also encouraging me to keep pushing. My mother is the person I am most grateful for.

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

A lot of people hate it, but it’s my favorite. It’s not on this list literally, though. Symbolically, mint chocolate chip ice cream represents unity for me. Sometimes things sound like they don’t go together, but they make magic. I’m grateful for being able to merge with different minds and make magic!

My job

This is truly an act of faith to put on my list. I am not at all happy with my 9-5 as I feel I could be doing so much more, however I am aware that I must be diligent of how I speak over things that God has blessed me with. I may not want to be there, but there is a lesson there that will make me a better person. I am grateful for that.

My Mistakes

My mistakes and my faults not only make me who I am, but they teach me to have patience with others’ mistakes and faults. They bring growth. The push me to overcome. They humble me.

My bonus gratitude goes to you! You don’t have to be hear. I appreciate you to no end for finding some type of value in my words. I pray that while reading, your own gratefulness was sparked in some way and you feel that tingle of peace in your spirit that comes with that.

Happy recovering!

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