Mind your manners.

Why is it so hard for us to be in the moment? Or take direction from others? It’s amazing how we can think we are doing everything right, but once we are placed in a situation where we cannot control the outcome, we freeze.

We lose our self confidence and our way of thinking. What is it about showing others our vulnerabilities that makes us so anxious? They have vulnerabilities, too. Most of the time, they have more than we do. We just don’t see them.

Hiding behind our weaknesses is a false sense of self. No one is perfect and portraying anything more than what we are is a danger to others and ourselves. What can we accomplish by faking it, day in and day out? Absolutely nothing.

You know what you do get? Constant expectations to be perfect. Have you seen the comments on social media when a celebrity shows they aren’t flawless? It’s horrid. Take Angela Simmons for instance. All of her life, she’d shared that she was waiting for marriage to have sex. Then BOOM…she got engaged and had a baby before the wedding. Now she isn’t with her child’s father and the backlash she gets online is deplorable.

I’ve seen comments about her on celebrity blogs and it makes me wonder how so many imperfect people can be so vocal and judgmental about someone else’s imperfections. Social media has created this false sense of judgement and entitlement that has plagued our generation for too long. I even fall victim to feeling as if my opinion on someone else’s life matters.

We all need to relearn to mind our manners.

I’m sure someone seasoned in your family has said this before: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” We have to get back to that. Even if your criticism is announced as “trying to help out” or “just being real,” it’s not always warranted. Who made you the expert on life? Nobody. So keep your comments to yourself sometimes.

Or better yet, if you really just feel the need to comment, make it a positive one. Show some encouragement or positive affirmation to someone. You have no idea what they are going through, whether they post all sunshine and rainbows or not. We have to start being the thing we want to attract. You wouldn’t want someone to negatively involve themselves in your life everyday, so stop doing it. Whether it’s in real life with people you have personal relationships with or the celebrities you troll….just mind your manners.

3 thoughts on “Mind your manners.

  1. Queen Jazze says:

    * snaps, snaps *

    I think people are so busy running from their reality that they get caught up in judging other people, to make themselves feel tall. We’re all imperfect like you said. People need to mind their matters and their business.


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