You are in the way of your goals.

I am utterly disgusted at the amount of unfinished projects I have. I am disappointed in the amount of unmet goals I have set for myself. I’m often left confused in my own thoughts when I think about it. I was so hype about them when I set them. What happened?

The motivation left and discipline never took over.

For a while, I didn’t see the difference. I needed motivation right? I saw pictures of “skinny me” from high school, or found a picture of a nice outfit I plan to wear in the future and I’m ready! Ready to eat right. Ready to work out. Drink all the water and just glow up!

Then a guy may make me mad. I might have a bad day at work. I might just feel like being lazy. All those goals go out the window. Motivation cancelled.

Insert discipline here.

So how do you exercise discipline? I can’t even share tips with you guys, because I’m struggling in this area. I know that my goals are important to me, but it seems as if my discipline isn’t showing up to recognize that. I fall off of the healthy habits I’ve formed (personally and professionally) and then get upset when my goals are still far from being accomplished.

What type of mess is that?

I think a lot of times we get overwhelmed when we don’t see progress as soon as we’d like to see it. However, our inconsistencies are the cause of this. Eating healthy all week and having a good weekend filled with bad food pretty much erases what we did all week. Being consistent with promotion for my business for a week isn’t going to cut it. Writing every now and then won’t get my book finished. Our need for instant gratification is causing us to loop around on the hamster wheel looking for a way out.

One thing I have done is try and implement a daily task list of 6 things I need to do. Granted I haven’t kept up with it like a should, but it has definitely helped keep things in perspective for me. Being able to accomplish things, no matter how small, definitely helps exercise discipline and get the habit of completing tasks in rotation. Even if I don’t see immediate results from completed those tasks. It still feels good at the end of the day to say, “I did everything I wanted to do today.”

I guess that’s the key: breaking down my goals into daily tasks and not focusing on the actual completion of the overall good. It is great to have them, but sometimes they can be overwhelming and disappointment comes when it doesn’t get accomplished when I want.

You also have to exercise faith when becoming disciplined. I have to have faith that doing these tasks will actually get me to my goal one day. This is the hard part. When you don’t see immediate results, you HAVE to know that they are on the way. Eventually. Slowly, but surely. You know the saying.

It’s true that there are external factors that can deter us from meeting our goals, but most of the time…it’s us.

The amazing thing about being gifted with another day is that God saw fit to give you another chance. If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve been gifted with time. Let’s make the most of it.

How will you get out of your own way this week? I’d love to hear some of your tips so I can use them as well. Let’s work together to recovery from the hamster wheel of unmet goals.

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