Dear Momma…

March is Women’s History Month. A lot of people may not talk about it, but the contributions of women…especially black women…are often undervalued. I could go on and on and on about it. My blog has been extremely dry the last few months, so what better way for us to get reacquainted than to give you some insight on some wonderful super women? I’m going to take this month to showcase a few of my favs. Either professionally or personally, each woman I highlight is special to me in some way.

And March 1 definitely belongs to no other than Marla V.

I could say a lot about my mother. There are plenty of words to describe her. The first one that comes to mind is supporter. Everything I’ve ever wanted to do was supported (accept for going to Atlanta for school…but we won’t talk about that. Still a sore spot for me. LOL. ) I can remember always wanting to be a writer and I can remember her always supporting that dream. She doesn’t just support me, but everyone in our family. Whatever she can do, she does. Even when she shouldn’t. (Yep…I said it.)

Her generation was taught to graduate high school and move out. She always wanted more for me than she had for herself and I appreciate the push. I may have not been happy about my personal grading scale of A..B…fail when my friends were celebrating C averages. I may not have liked that I couldn’t spend the night at my friends’ house or talk on the phone with boys. I may have been irritated that I couldn’t dye my hair, wear weave or certain clothes until my senior year. However, looking back and seeing how some people’s relationships with their mothers have shaped them..I am forever grateful.

I thank God for her. I can never look back and say that my mother didn’t believe in me. That she didn’t listen to me. That she didn’t take care of me or that she didn’t love me. Because of our relationship, it breaks my heart when I hear of others broken relationships with their moms. I never had to go through that and that means the world to me. We’ve bumped heads. We’ve gotten on each others nerves. We’ve grown and learned so much together.

And she’s just super fine…right? Ladies and gentlemen…the queen.   

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