Don’t blame your sign…you’re just toxic.

I’m not sure if it has been this way for a while, but I’ve noticed a trend of blaming toxic traits on zodiac signs. Crazy, addictive personalities are brushed off as some inevitable curse given based on the day you were born. If you’re on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen the viral posts such as these:

Growing up, I always thought even reading horoscopes was some type of sin. Like I was practicing some type of witchcraft by reading a prediction of how my week would be. Once social media became popular, there was a sight that would match your zodiac sign with others, telling who you should date and who you should run away from. Those intrigued me at an age where I looked for male attention. It still felt weird to read for some reason.

Nowadays, when I’ve become more open to things that are connected to nature (crystals, oils, healing, etc.) I realize that all the things are still created by God and knowing how to connect with him on a higher level is the ultimate goal. 

However, one thing I absolutely hate is pushing toxic traits off on the day you were born. Saying that a certain trait is attributed to your sign does not give you a pass to keep doing it. Being evil to people in your life. Lying. Being emotionally cut off. Snapping all the time. These are not things we should be proud of. Perpetuating the stereotypes of your zodiac sign is not cute. 

I will admit that some of these Aquarius’ attributes hit home. I’ve noticed a few of my own toxic traits, but knowing that others have them doesn’t make me comfortable. It makes me want to change them even more. Why are we so quick to accept negative behavior just because a majority is known for it? 

We have to do better. Misery loves company and apparently so does toxicity. Even if you begin to identify a trait that most of your fellow sign members has, make a conscious effort to change.

Good or bad, labels have a way of limiting us from growth. Be prepared to change, learn and grow until you’ve taken your last breath. At the end of the day, being stuck in your ways won’t help you recover from anything, I don’t care what sign you are.

To my blog followers, I sincerely apologize for my hiatus. In any event, if you’re looking for me and can’t find me anywhere…look for Dynamic Image Publications and you’re sure to see me. As we approach a new decade, what are some topics you’d like to discuss?

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