First Class First Family


I woke up sad happy today.

Sad that this historical administration is over.

Sad that the white house just lost all that class and grace.

Sad that they have to stand and smile in the face of a man who absolutely does not deserve his new job title.

But happy that I was apart of electing President Obama for two consecutive terms.

Happy that his presidency was scandal free.

Happy that “When they hate didn’t work they started telling lies” on them. (in my French Montana voice).

Happy that Michelle Lavaughn Robinson exists to show little girls they don’t have to aspire to be strippers or reality show stars.

Happy that Malia and Sasha are gorgeous, smart and respectful young ladies who handled their own critics with so much unbothered-ness they couldn’t stand it.

Happy that in spite of all the disrespect and push back President Obama faced, he did the best with what he could and statistic shows that wasn’t half bad at all.

Most of all, I’m happy that in spite of who is president, God is still Lord.

Thank you, President Obama…for just being willing to let God place you in this epically historic moment. You killed it!