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I’m sure you’ve probably seen the memes that say, “In a world full of Kim K’s, be Ayesha Curry.”

Her tweets on modesty and how she carries herself has surprisingly been the center of controversy  in the media and not for all the right reasons. There are people who are legit (I like to use this word often) upset that she voiced her opinion on only sharing intimate photos with her husband.

People were mad at that!

The fact that they stick to their beliefs and morals even with all the fame is why I picked Steph, Ayesha, Riley and Ryan as my first Family Crush Friday.

Now, I am a huge basketball fan. I absolutely love the Lakers. So watching the Warriors beat them horribly a few weeks ago was not fun (not to mention our horrible last few years as a team and Kobe retiring). But past the loss, I love watching Curry play. I love when he takes his baby girl to post-game press conferences and I love watching clips of Ayesha cheering him up after a loss by throwing confetti at him.

I love that throughout Curry’s rise to success in the NBA, he has always given God glory. I love that Ayesha prides herself on taking care of her family, but has also made a career of it with her cook book and other business ventures. I love that she sometimes says un-necessary things about the NBA because she’s clearly passionate about her husband’s career.

They have fun together (from what we see). They make goofy voiceovers of Disney movies, they play around and they share their love for God with a world that doesn’t really hold Him in much regard nowadays.

These are goals. No, I am not saying I want to be the Curry’s. I want to be a family full of people who love God, who achieve success in their own way and are comfortable being themselves.

With that being said…I hope the Warriors lose this year :).


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