Melodies (and curls) from Heaven.


Crush week is not all about celebrities. This will be especially true for Family Crush Friday, because…let’s face it, there are only a few celebrities that actually promote family publicly (even though most of them have one).

So my Family Crush Friday goes to the Goins’ family.

I’ve known Mark since high school. His dad is my amazing Pastor of the church I’ve been at since I was a little girl. We weren’t best friends, but when you grow up like we did with church being an almost daily activity, you get to know a person.

The evolution of him becoming a man is very admirable..and then came Queta!

Marqueta has always been a great spirit to be around since I met her. She is always genuine and caring. My favorite thing about her is that it never seems fake. You know how some people just portray a trait that they really don’t have…that ain’t her!

I may not know the ends and outs of their marriage or their family dynamic, but it is one that I definitely admire. I call them real life family goals. Their kids are adorable and could really be stars of a reality show all on their own. Don’t get me started on those curls!

Outside of their adorable looks as a family, what they represent is what makes them so amazing to me. They are absolutely, unapologetically a family after God’s heart. They don’t hide it and they teach their children to be the same.

And baby when they sing together…I lose it every time!

Check out their Youtube channel if you don’t believe me.


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