The love is Lit!

Sister, Sister was a daily ritual for me. I’ve said this before when discussing the twins, but I love Tia and Tamera! They are individually thriving professionally and personally.

If you’ve seen the recent Black Love docu-series that premiered on OWN, you are a little more informed on the love story of Tia and Cory. I was able to see a little of it on Tia and Tamera’s reality show and of course we ‘hear things’ but listening to them share their story was so inspiring to me.

Tia and Cory met when Cory had nothing. He recalls being determined to have Tia in his life and Tia recalls seeing his genuine heart and falling in love. One thing that really almost moved me to tears was his story about proposing. Cory said he knew he didn’t have much and he was almost afraid of asking, but he told himself to just do it and God would take care of them.


Cory and Tia need to teach a class. I’m sure everything isn’t roses with them, but watching them tell their story and be honest about it, but still very much in love was an inspiration.

And how cute is Cree!

It a media driven world where we are caught up in watching marriages and relationships fail, its awesome to see some black love thriving!