Boss babes to the rescue

I love that woman crush Wednesday has evolved from only physically desirable women to showcasing appreciation for woman who are running things in their industries. I know amazing women and although this list is nowhere near complete, here are a few of my favorite bosses (in no particular order).

V Taybron


The queen behind Domestic Queens, V has given me an opportunity to hone my blog skills as a featured blogger on her site. But past that, V is the owner of Savor V. Savor V provides lifestyle tips for the mind, body, and soul through various mediums including recipes, art, home tips, and an all organic lifestyle. She ships amazing goodies straight to you.

Savor V


Queen Jazze


I met Jazze years ago in a fanfiction forum that specialized in B2K fanfiction. We were a part of an exclusive group of some excellent writers. We didn’t even know we stayed close to each other when we first linked up. When the site closed and I decided to start my own publishing company, she was one of the writers I had in mind to publish. Not only has she edited most of my novels, she is now a published poet and amazing blogger. She founded Queen Sized, a brand dedicated to helping women get back to queen status.

Love Queen Sized


Rachel Whigham


I’m so proud of my friend. Back in high school when we started hanging out, I would have never thought of how successful she would be now but I can’t say she doesn’t deserve it all. Rachel has always had a heart to help people and about four years ago she found a business that would do just that. Rachel is a Presidential Diamond, Top 65 income earner with itWorks Global. She has over 2,000 people on her team and puts 200% into helping change their lives.


Winnie Caldwell


My heart will always belong to the black girl writer. Finding people who understand how important the art of writing is will always make me smile. Winnie’s mission is amazing. Her heart for the community is inspiring and her determination and drive is motivating. I just happen to run across something a mutual friend posted when I began to follow her. Her blog The Wire Hanger by Winnie is a faith based blog for rising entrepreneurs. “Hang up your problems and move on to better.” We have supported each other in business and that will never go un-noticed.


Chynna Miley


I met Miss Chynna at an event she did in Atlanta. I had a vendor table for my books. Everything was put together so well and I loved how she marketed the event. If you’ve ever met her, you know her spirit is amazing and its very motivating to be around her. Following her on social media has led me to see she is nothing short of a boss. Chynna plans amazing events with her Events by CCM brand and she also has amazing networking group Connecting Curlfriends.