Golden Girl

landscape-1483928151-gettyimages-631250586Tracee Ellis Ross.

Muva Tracee.

First African-American woman to win a Golden Globe for best actress in a TV comedy since Debbie Allen in 1983.

Bow on black-ish.

Joan Carol Clayton on Girlfriends.

T- Murda.

My Woman Crush Wednesday is well deserved. Not only is she an awesome actress, but she embodies class and black girl magic. She’s goofy and does what she wants unapologetically, while showing love to everyone and their own idiosyncrasies. How could you not?

Growing up watching Girlfriends, I never really realized how monumental the show was. Although they had their fair share of drama, they were successful women in their own right, living well and not popping gum and playing into stereotypes. Even now, with her role in Black-ish, she’s a doctor with a loving husband and some awesome kids (they make the show for me).

The fact that she got some well deserved recognition the other night is just the icing on the Muva Tracee cake.

I’m sure having an iconic mother was pressure enough, but Tracee is definitely serving golden goodness and slaying.

PS. Honorable mention this week goes to Issa Rae and Voila Davis.



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