The Hollywood Commandments by DeVon Franklin



Your Prayers Alone Aren’t Enough

You Are the Talent

You Have to Carry a Crown Before You Can Wear One

You Have to Know the Rules to Play the Game

Your Gut is Hiding God

You Get What You Negotiate (Not What You’re Worth)

You Must Master the Walk of Fame

Your Difference is Your Destiny

Your Amnesia is an Asset

Your World is Smaller Than You Think

There are so many things I love about “The Hollywood Commandments” by DeVon Franklin, that I’ll keep this brief. The only thing you really need to know is that you need this book. LOL. Seriously though, if you are a believer in Christ and want to be successful at life….this book is a great read.

With the first commandment being, “Prayers alone aren’t enough.” I feel this book is very timely. A lot of us as believers often fall prey to the “genie theory” of God. All we have to do is pray and He’ll work it out. This is false on so many levels. Now, I’m not saying that God will do things in your life to show favor or get glory without you having to work…but he is not a little man in a bottle that you rub for wishes.

This book made me realize that if I wasn’t responsible enough or a good steward over the resources I have now, asking God to bless me with more is just comical. What I love about DeVon’s writing is that it is all about applying Biblical concepts to real life. Seeing God’s promises for what they are and what we have a responsibility to do.

One of the commandments that stood out for me the most was, You Get What You Negotiate (Not What You’re Worth). I plan to discuss this in a blog post, but I had confessed to a group of friends that when I apply for jobs, I often get intimidated by the ones with higher pay scales. Am I qualified for this? Am I worth this? As crazy as it sounds, it happens. Reading this commandment made me realize how undervalued I saw myself and ultimately that reflects on my faith in God negatively! Isn’t that crazy? When you think about it…talking down on yourself is talking down on your creator…who has time for that!?! Not me!

DeVon’s writing style is something that is easy to follow, yet is very thought provoking. The limits that we place on God in regards to secular success are often unconscious. Following God does not mean we have to be broke and unsuccessful…it truly means the opposite. When your intents are to use your gifts for the good…success is limitless.

I honestly do not have anything negative to say about this book and definitely plan to read it again before this year ends. Have you read it already? What was your favorite commandment?