Hating won’t make you great.

Have you ever gotten low key upset at ANOTHER engagement announcement on your social media? It could be your cousin or closest friend and while your commenting about how excited you are…a little piece of your heart is breaking?  No…just me? Okay. Y’all lying….but it’s okay.  Don’t start judging me like I’m not happy for … Continue reading Hating won’t make you great.


Why my ex was right about me.

While arguing one day after one of my best friend's wedding, he said something to me that made my blood boil. He made a smart comment about how I didn't know what it meant to be a wife and my friend did, which was why she was now married and I wasn't.

Monday Morning Blues 

Why do people hate Mondays so much? I’ve seen some reasons like partying too hard on the weekend and hating their jobs. We may all have a specific reason why mornings are not our friends, but that doesn’t stop the fact that time is still moving and bills do not pay themselves