Making Lemonade. How to feel your way through a transitional period.

If I'm being honest, half the time, I don't even feel like it's worth it. My mess is familiar; it's easier and its comfortable. I know what happens there, even if it's negative, it is no surprise. I'm prepared to deal with it.

Skincare routine? More like 3 steps

Self care is important. Here are some tips about skin care.

Syd's Life

Everyone I know of that is into beauty has a skincare routine.

Not me, I don’t have time or energy for all of that, I have what I like to call skincare steps. It is a 3 step system and it has helped my skin clear up so much.

For the past few months, I had really bad breakouts all over my face and literally nothing was helping, I started doing these three steps and my skin has been so nice and clear.

I did suffer with acne was I was 13 to about 15/16.  After that my skin has been relatively good but as of lately it was giving me so many problems due to stress & other things happening in my life.

First, if I am wearing makeup, I take it off with makeup remover wipes I use these wipes that I found at Walmart, you get 25…

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The Family Struggle: why I’m so bothered by TIP and Tiny’s separation

I’ll admit that I enjoy celebrity gossip from time to time. Out of pure boredom, you can find me scrolling through The Shade Room’s timeline to see if any celebrities I like have any personal tea going on. For years, we’ve heard about TIP and Tiny’s relationship, the cheating rumors, the open marriage rumors and … Continue reading The Family Struggle: why I’m so bothered by TIP and Tiny’s separation