The Hollywood Commandments – Book Review

“If we pursue who we are without apology, we will get up in the morning and become whoever God wants us to be.”

the-hollywood-commandments-rightI just finished up The Hollywood Commandments by DeVon Franklin. Unfortunately, this is the first book I’ve finished in 2018. I’m a little behind on my goal to read 12 books this year, but I believe I can still pull it off.

DeVon Franklin has easily become one of my favorite authors. I was first introduced to him with his book, Produced by Faith. I had given it to my dad as a birthday gift and after he talked about how he liked it, I decided to purchase it myself. I then purchased “The Wait” by him and his wife, the talented Megan Good, so this is my third book by him.

I had a very hard time picking the things I would discuss in my review. I could tell by some reviews that some may have thought he was trying to give a blueprint on how to be successful in Hollywood. The title does allow you to assume as much. However, these guidelines cross the boundaries into any industry.

DeVon outlines ten commandments that helped propel his secular success by standing on his Biblical principles. There is this notion a lot of times that Christians are not supposed to be rich or successful. There’s always a stigma attached to this idea. If you see a pastor with a nice car, some may think he used church money to get it. Or mega churches are always stigmatized as just big business.

God didn’t intend for us to struggle, but there is a difference between building your legacy on your principles and not standing for anything morally sound. The Hollywood Commandments breaks it down and gives DeVon’s account on how he completely believes the only reason he has been successful in Hollywood is because of His faith (in action) in God.

“But no matter how much we plan and analyze in the end, it comes down to a simple question: do we trust God or don’t we?”

Everything in this book is about applying our faith and what we believe into our everyday lives. Everything we do must aline with our principles and that is the only way to truly achieve success.  It’s not enough to say I believe God will bless my career. We have to work as if we KNOW he is going to bless our careers. This book teaches us now to use our faith to gain success while also teaching how to remain humble and let God be glorified.

With commandments like, “Your Prayers Alone Aren’t Enough,” “Your Gut is Hiding God,” “You Get What You Negotiate,” and “Your Difference is Your Destiny.” This book is a blueprint on how to honor God in your career and feel valued in all that you do.

No other words. Get this book! Click here for more information.

Have you read The Hollywood Commandments? What are your thoughts? Let’s discuss!



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