10 Lessons Learned

In 2010, I was a recently published 23 year old, full of goals, aspirations and positivity. I was in a relationship with a guy that I was sure was the one. I had just graduated with my bachelors in a corporate communications and ready for grad school. Today, on the last day of the decade, … Continue reading 10 Lessons Learned

If God cares about me, why does He let people hurt me?

I’ve held these feelings in for a few months now. To be honest, I probably haven’t held them in as well as I think I have. I know 4 close friends off the top of my head who have probably gotten this story already, but in true writer fashion...I can’t get over it until I … Continue reading If God cares about me, why does He let people hurt me?

Soar! by T.D. Jakes Book Review

This book is full of gems about business and how it relates to the Wright Brothers. Many people thought they were crazy to believe they could fly, yet they stuck to their plan, pushed through their failures and kept at it until they were successful.

Monday Morning Blues 

Why do people hate Mondays so much? I’ve seen some reasons like partying too hard on the weekend and hating their jobs. We may all have a specific reason why mornings are not our friends, but that doesn’t stop the fact that time is still moving and bills do not pay themselves