Monday Morning Blues 



Getting out of my bed this morning was only accomplished by an act of God. I bearly heard both of my alarms and once I did wake up, I contemplated calling in for about ten minutes before actually getting up. I was slow getting dressed, which made my morning commute very stressed and hurried.

I do this most mornings. Especially Mondays. While I’m rushing through traffic, trying not to crash or get a ticket, I always think to myself, “Why did you do this to yourself, Cash?”

Monday morning blues is real. Especially when you aren’t satisfied with your current situation. If you aren’t careful, it can really determine your day and have a negative impact.

Why do people hate Mondays so much? I’ve seen some reasons like partying too hard on the weekend and hating their jobs. We may all have a specific reason why mornings are not our friends, but that doesn’t stop the fact that time is still moving and bills do not pay themselves.

Nothing stops because that’s life. We battle things internally every second of the day and if we aren’t careful, consuming negative thoughts about ourselves and the world around us can keep us from moving forward.

Nothing just gets better by wishing. We have to work for it.

So what makes you work for it? What makes you push past your morning blues to tackle the day head on.

Faith. My biggest weapon is my faith. I can think about all the things that God has done for me and I know He is nowhere near done. I know He isn’t done with me or those around me. I know He is working this out.

Most days this is more than enough. Other days I’m like, “okay God, can you please hurry this up a little?”

I know I’m not the only one who pleads with God for those miraculous moves we hear about in the Bible. A parted sea would be great right about now. I could definitely use a few loaves of bread and a few pieces of fish in multiplication.

Music also helps. There are a few songs that will get me in a better mood immediately.

Sometimes though, faith and music just don’t cut it.

It’s so easy to be content with where you are. My dreams are huge right now and sometimes scary. Most of the time, they seem a lifetime away. So when I can’t feel my dreams within my reach, I think about my current circumstances and how they make me feel. How living paycheck to paycheck makes me feel. How not being able to fit clothes makes me feel. How being out of breath quickly makes me feel. How not being able to travel and attend events makes me feel.

That should make you get up and work.

I don’t want to feel this way forever and the only way for things to change is to put in the work. So push through those Monday morning blues and get to it!

What are some things you do to help motivate you on Monday mornings?



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