Hired without the job requirements.

“When we feel like failures, God’s third word for us is often this: I am growing. That is not as ego boosting as I am successful. But it’s a lot more real. And when you think about it, it’s even more powerful.” 

What do you think of when you hear the word weakness? A better question is how do you think of your own weaknesses? Do you see them as things that need to be erase? Or do you see them as things God can use?

This book helps you answer that question.

“Sometimes I wonder if our image and identity have been treated and retreated and bleached and burned so many times that the original color is beyond recognition. Even to ourselves. Disillusionment gets layered upon disappointment, which gets layered upon failure, and our real selves end up buried so far down we don’t remember who we actually are.”

Steven Furtick is the pastor of Elevation Church in North Carolina. His sermons have helped me get my life together many mornings via their podcast. What I love most about his ministry, and this book, is that it really focuses on how God uses people where they are. How He blesses us when we are real with Him and ourselves about our short comings.

The book doesn’t glorify faults, but it breaks apart the true meaning of them and allows us to see how we’ve been condemning ourselves for so long that we think it’s God doing it.

He loves us enough. Enough to break any habit we have. Any issue we’ve been dealing with. God can do it, but we have to let Him.

These concepts are not new to believers, but Pastor Furtick gives common examples and biblical ones which I think is very important. A lot of times, some religious leaders write and speak to everyone as if they are saved already. This is a completely missed opportunity because those who know nothing about how to start a new life with God get so intimidated that they give up before they try.

Meeting people where they are without condemnation, but with love is how we help guide them to the kingdom. Jesus caught all the flies with honey, no salt required.

“The belief that God is more interested in our perfection than our relationship with him is the birthplace of insecurity.”

I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who has been feeling insecure about moving to another level in their life. For anyone feeling stuck in a particular area or just in general.

One example in particular is, “what are your third words?”

A third word, as Pastor Furtick describes, is the word you use after “I am…”

We know several instances where Jesus didn’t need a third word. “I am” was enough to identify the Messiah because He is everything.

I’ll admit I’ve identified myself with some awful third words.

I am failing.

I am selfish.

I am fat.

I am broke.

I am unsuccessful.

I’m sure you can use some of those and add a few of your own.

I won’t give much more away, but Unqualified definitely walks you through how to identify your third words, how God loves you anyway, how He’ll use you where you are and bless you to begin a change.

“But right now what matters most isn’t what comes to another person’s mind when he hears my name. What matters most is what comes to God’s mind and my mind.”

This book should definitely be on your “to read” list. Get your copy!


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