10 Lessons Learned

In 2010, I was a recently published 23 year old, full of goals, aspirations and positivity. I was in a relationship with a guy that I was sure was the one. I had just graduated with my bachelors in a corporate communications and ready for grad school. Today, on the last day of the decade, … Continue reading 10 Lessons Learned

To whom it may concern.

Below is a poem that I wrote for Women’s Day a few years ago. I felt the need to share this today so hopefully it reaches who it needs to. Dear girl Dear girl near me, dear girl far, dear girl in my mind, dear girl in my heart Dear black girl, white girl, mixed … Continue reading To whom it may concern.

Respect the boundaries.

Rules often stem from unfortunate circumstances that cause them to be necessary (or not). When you are hurt or disappointed, you usually establish a rule to keep yourself from experiencing that again. In life, we call these boundaries.

Dear Momma…

March is Women’s History Month. A lot of people may not talk about it, but the contributions of women...especially black women...are often undervalued. I could go on and on and on about it. My blog has been extremely dry the last few months, so what better way for us to get reacquainted than to give … Continue reading Dear Momma…