Natural Product Reviews: Oils and Custards and Gels! Oh, my!

Something for my curly girls!

Returning to natural in the digital age is like going to a free/open to the public, online hair school.

You log into YouTube and check in with your favorite hair mentor for your inspiration like “computer labs”.

Then, if you’re up to the challenge, you test their different hair routines, styling methods or deep conditioning recipes in your home lab. Those days before Wash Day are study days and the time to gather your materials.

For feedback and peer to peer interaction, you find hair groups to post questions like group discussion. Did this work for them? What were their result? As invaluable to learning about hair as a chat with a peer in the same class. Think of the time and money saved from the wisdom shared through these honest natural hair pow wows amongst the #teamnaturalhair tribes!…..

Check out the rest at the source link below!


Source: Natural Product Reviews: Oils and Custards and Gels! Oh, my!


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