December Rules: Don’t go ghost

It’s the last month of the year. Some people are celebrating the goals they’ve met over these last 11 months, while others are sick about not even remembering what their 2017 goals were.

It happens. You look up and you’ve lost sight of your goals. I’m not even going to mention when my last blog post was…if you really want to know, look for yourself. I’ve managed to keep some weight off, but I haven’t hit my weight loss goal….Definitely haven’t paid off the amount of debt I wanted…but I’m breathing and that means I still have work to do.

Today’s December Rule: Don’t go ghost on your goals!

It’s nice to have a deadline, but even if you don’t meet your goal by the deadline, doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Take a moment to recognize what works and what doesn’t and move accordingly. Giving up on your goals isn’t going to get you any closer to that finish line.

Here are three tips on how to keep yourself focused enough to not go ghost on your goals.

Revisit your mission

I made a graphic with my 2017 goals on it. So while planning out my 2018 goals, I took a moment to revisit that list. I looked at the things I accomplished and did a little victory dance. You ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS celebrate your wins!

Now take a look at those goals you didn’t quite accomplish. Be honest. What happened? What stopped you from meeting the goal? What can you change in your daily habits to make sure you meet it? Is it a goal you really need to work on right now? It’s okay to change courses, it’s not okay to just quit.


Now that you’ve had you little moment to sulk over what isn’t, it’s time to work! All the motivational quotes, podcasts and books in the world won’t mean anything if you don’t apply it. Why keep feeling this way at the end of the year, when you could be accomplishing so much more?


This is also related to putting the work in. We have to make up in our mind that we are worth what we want and will get it. Set backs, naysayers, rejections and failures are only going to make our reward that much sweeter, but only if you don’t give up.

Don’t go ghost on your goals! There’s no power in quitting….(see what I did there? 🙂


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