Screen love.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day. Sure, some of us think the holiday is overrated and commercially driven, but it’s here and everybody is feeling the love.

You may be single or just loving on a budget. Who knows what your circumstances are. I don’t. Just in case you want to spend some time with your bae (or yourself) and don’t have much to do. Here are five classic films that epitomize love.

Love Jones


You knew this was going to be on my list. Like, come on! I’m a writer, sometimes a poet. Although parts of this movie make me very mad…it was so worth it in the end.

Jason’s Lyric


The whole southern romance aura of this movie just draws me in from the beginning. I think this movie is classic because it happens all the time.

Brown Sugar


This movie works on so many levels. Whenever this romantic comedy is on, I have to watch it.

 Love and Basketball


I’ll admit, I often skip part of this movie because I hate how it makes me feel. You can’t deny that it’s a great love story. (PS. My favorite line is, “Everybody knows you’re going to get more play being Quincy McCall’s girl anyway.)

Poetic Justice


So, you may not see this as a common love story, but it is. It’s a very real and raw love story. So watch it! (Who else sang Kendrick Lamar in their head?)

What’s your favorite romantic film?



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