I can buy my own roses.

I am a firm believer of giving people their roses while they are alive. If you somehow have no clue what that means, it’s simple: show love and gratitude to those you appreciate while they are alive to feel the love.

I seriously get frustrated when good people are constantly taking advantage of. Especially those who are doing these amazing things because it’s who they are deep inside. They aren’t looking for a pat on the back or an applause and that’s exactly why they deserve one.

But if they waited for someone to acknowledge them, they wouldn’t be doing these good deeds would they?

Fabulous posted a picture on Instagram with this quote:

“….The dead receive more flowers than the living because regret is stronger than gratitude and thats why sometimes you gotta by your own f***ing roses!”

Gratitude is nice. A thank you card can warm your heart. Someone acknowledging your hard work can feel amazing. But these are all emotions. These are all conditional. We have to stop relying on nice words and kind gestures from others in order for us to do what we know is right or true.

We see this all the time. Parents who feel the need to brag about everything they do for their children. People bragging about how much they’ve spent or how hard they’ve worked. We make these posts wanting people to clap for us, but we have to learn how to clap for ourselves. Are you okay with getting no likes on a post about an accomplishment? Those likes don’t make your achievement any less important!

This is a lesson I have to remind myself of daily. I can accomplish things or do nice things for people without needing acknowledgment. I can high-five myself when I crush my daily goals. I can buy my own roses!

Speak positively into your own life. Get in the mirror and blow kisses at yourself. Show yourself love. Let God work on your self love and you won’t have any room for anyone’s negativity or bad energy.

Buy your own roses!


One thought on “I can buy my own roses.

  1. stefward321 says:

    Agape type love is loving someone unconditionally without expecting anything in return. This is the love God has for us and what we strive to have as well. I’m a firm believer in doing things for others without expecting anything in return. I don’t care about recognition, although it feels nice, but that’s not the reason behind doing what I do. I think we all need to address the reason behind doing what we do. So it for God, do it for yourself, do it out of true love.

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