You messed up…shake it off!

I’ve been putting off going to pick up my new contacts for weeks. They gave me a sample pair, so I figured I could hold off on making that trip for a little while. The last few days, I had forgotten all about my order until the pair I’ve been wearing began to dry out quickly.

The vision center is not far from where I live, but it is far from where I work. Hadn’t factored that little fact in when I went for my initial visit on an off day. It was in network with my new insurance and had the best deal. When the rep called and told me that my contacts were ready, she explained they were open until 7p. I thought, “Great! I’ll have time after work to go get them.”

Yesterday, I was tired and ready to go home, but decided to make the extra drive to get them. My usual commute gets me home a little after 5. I pulled into the parking lot of the store at 5:49. And they were closed.

They were only open until 7p on Thursdays.

They closed at 5 on Wednesdays.

It was Wednesday.

On top of my irritation, I had to use the bathroom. Pre-recovery Christian was ready to blow up. I was mad at myself. If I would have just called before coming, I would have known not to come. I wasted gas, time and now I was sitting on a full bladder with another 25 minute drive.

This wasn’t enough to ruin my day. No one was hurt. It was a simple mistake that should just be let go.

So I let it go and drove home.

Maybe your mistake or problem isn’t as small as this, but let it go. We allow so many things to ruin all the hours in our day when it was a small occurrence of a few moments. I could have let that insignificant issue throw the rest of my day off. Of course, there are some things that may not be so easily shaken, but that’s when you get proactive in protecting your peace and go to your happy place. (Previous post)

But some things you just need to shake off and keep moving.

My friend Jazze, founder of QUEENsized, is the perfect example of this. She has been through some things that you would hardly know affect her. Her smile doesn’t falter and her crown stays on straight. There are people in your life who can show you a better way of handling things without you even knowing.

Pay attention.

Shake it off.


7 thoughts on “You messed up…shake it off!

  1. Montriece Cathcart says:

    This is love! Simply means growth for me. Nine times out of ten, when we blow up at the small things, it’s deeper than the current problem. This is a great daily reminder…shake it off!

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