Making Lemonade. How to feel your way through a transitional period.


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Recovery is an ongoing, daily process. Realizing that there is something to recover from is only the first step of the battle, the real war begins shortly after that announcement. Fighting for a new peace from a familiar pain is not easy.

If I’m being honest, half the time, I don’t even feel like it’s worth it. My mess is familiar; it’s easier and its comfortable. I know what happens there, even if it’s negative, it is no surprise. I’m prepared to deal with it.

But it’s also painful to stay in the same mess, day in and day out. It’s painful to watch days, weeks, months and years go by and realize I haven’t progressed in certain areas in my life. It’s especially painful to realize that it’s entirely my fault.

Even once you begin your recovery process, there are times when it won’t feel like progress at all. Feels something like being stuck on a hamster wheel. You aren’t where you used to be, but you destination feels like it is not getting any closer.

That is a transition period.

Transition is defined as the process or period of changing from one state or condition to another. You aren’t there yet. And it can be frustrating.

I am in a transition state right now. Here are three steps to help make it through.



We have got to stop acting like everything is perfect. Stress, stumbling blocks and obstacles are real. Everyone goes through them and if they tell you any different, don’t trust them to give you advice on anything. Perception is not always reality. It’s okay to have a bad day. It’s okay to not feel motivated or inspired to work towards you goals. It’s okay to feel like you aren’t getting anywhere. It’s not okay, to pretend that you are just to save face. I am a firm believer that everything I go through is to help write others through it. I can’t help them if I am not willing to share what I’m going through or even the fact that I am going through something. You don’t have to tell everyone your business, but be honest about your state of mind and your feelings. You’d be amazed at who you are helping by sharing.



While it’s okay to acknowledge your shortcomings so that you can learn from them, it is okay to acknowledge your wins as well. Pat yourself on the back. Count your blessings and realize that you aren’t as far off from your goals as you think. Look at where you started. Acknowledge how far you’ve come. Don’t take that for granted. Thank God for progress. He’ll see you through the next step.



Let it go. However that looks for you. Pray, meditate, fast and pray. Get that negative energy off of you. These are the moments I get really real with God. “I messed up. I can’t do this. I need You.” God loves for us to admit we need Him. He can handle this so much easier than I can. Letting go may seem hard, but once you realize how quickly and efficiently He moves….there’s nothing to it.


I hope this helps you during your transition on the way to recovery. Be blessed, loves!


3 thoughts on “Making Lemonade. How to feel your way through a transitional period.

  1. stefward321 says:

    Admit, Acknowledge & Atone…simple, yet so hard for some. Thanks for sharing and challenging us to do the same! I am in transition and that’s okay!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. courtalex95 says:

    Wonderfully written. Somewhere in between acknowledge and atone at the moment…working on acknowledging without self-sabotaging. Sharing on my twitter as well if you don’t mind!


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