The Family Struggle: why I’m so bothered by TIP and Tiny’s separation


I’ll admit that I enjoy celebrity gossip from time to time. Out of pure boredom, you can find me scrolling through The Shade Room’s timeline to see if any celebrities I like have any personal tea going on. For years, we’ve heard about TIP and Tiny’s relationship, the cheating rumors, the open marriage rumors and all. We’ve watched Family Hustle for the last few years.

I grew up when Xscape was popular. I remember when 24’s came out. Watching them grow as a family has been a household thing. Their blended family and their success in entertainment is something like an American dream.

Now it’s falling apart.

Now, I may be a little bit too emotional, but I can’t even watch this season of Family Hustle. I tried. But my heart hurt watching, knowing the demise of this marriage is at hand.

Why am I so bothered? This is real life. It happens. The culture still has some black love couples to see in the media. Remy Ma and Papoose come to mind instantly. Tia and Corey. Tamia and Grant. Boris and Nicole. Will and Jada. The families in my Family Crush Friday posts….I could go on. Some are more out in the public than others, but they are still there.

I just REALLY want TIP and Tiny to work. I don’t get anything from it, but a portrait of a real family going through real things and staying together.

We could get deep and go into how the media portrays black families: broken single mothers, deadbeat dads, etc. Having these positive influences in the media are important to this new generation. They get enough side chicks and baby mommas on Love and Hip Hop. (Thanks Mona).

A lot of us grew up with both parents and a lot of us different. As a single woman hoping to be married some day, seeing all these long term black couples breaking up is disheartening. Melo and Lala are going through it. Like show us how it’s done please!? We need yall to make it!

It’s very important for us to be able to look up to people in places we want to be. I thank God that I have couples in my life personally who embody black love. A lot of people don’t have that.

Is anyone else as bothered as I am?


3 thoughts on “The Family Struggle: why I’m so bothered by TIP and Tiny’s separation

  1. stefward321 says:

    I’m not as bothered as you are, but it is disheartening to see a great relationship go down the drain. Be it due to rumors, social media influences or Tiny feeling like she can’t be a boss lady…it’s still sad to see that they won’t work out these differences. If anything, maybe we will be able to see successful co-parenting! They both love their children (and each other’s) so much that not even separation will destroy that. Marriage is work and it all is built on trust & love. Keeping people out of your marriage is one key to having a successful marriage. Being in the spotlight makes it hard to keep things personal, but that’s where trust, love and constant communication comes into play. Keep God in the center…study & pray together and be open with your individual struggles. Successful marriages still exist and it is still attainable.

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  2. Queen Jazze says:

    I’m not bothered by it either because to me T.I. has been a very controlling man from the very beginning. It showed on Tiny and Toya and I just couldn’t get with that. I watched clips this season, i havent really watched the show cause you know I dont watch tv. But all the clips show him doing the most because finally he isn’t controlling every aspect of Tiny’s life. If that’s love honey, I don’t want it. When I see how many times she’s mentioned working or having something to do besides being a mother and he shuts it down is immediately? Nah. That’s oppression. Only thing he allowed her to do that’s close to work is that special she had when she was talking with her friends. But yea i haven’t watched the show in years.

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    • christiancashelle says:

      Your welcome right. He is very controlling and I think him acting like this is ridiculous but it’s still like dang come on y’all! Lol


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