Lit Scents: Aromatherapy

Medications are dangerous. We’ve heard a lot about crazy side effects and some medications causing more harm than good, yet we still take them when they are recommended.

Mental health is very important. So important that it can translate into physical ailments as well. Stress. Depression. Anxiety….We don’t have to run to medication for a lot of these. Now, I am not advocating that you stop taking your meds…I’m not a doctor. However, there are natural ways to help reduce the effects of negative energy.

My best friend, who had decided to have a stay-cation and treat herself to some me time, began to look into candles and scents that help reduce stress and promote relaxation. I did a little search and this is what we found.


If you notice, lavender is used in a lot of bubble baths as a relaxation element. It is said to  help reduce stress and anxiety while allowing your body and mind to prepare for a good night’s rest. Lavender is also said to have some other amazing benefits. Lavender helps combat dry skin and hair loss as well. Not to mention it smells amazing.


Jasmine is said to help release anger and depression and increase confidence. It helps relieve nervous tension and can be used as an aphrodisiac.


Vanilla and jasmine have a lot of the same benefits as far as releasing negative energy and inviting positive body energy into your space. The smell reminds me too much of food and makes me hungry, however it is very relaxing.


One of my favorites is eucalyptus, mostly because of all it’s physically benefits. One of my good friends bought a candle from Bath and Body Works for my birthday. It’s a stress relief candle and the scent is eucalyptus spearmint. I light it after a bath or while I’m cleaning and it’s relaxing properties are no joke! The smell was a little overwhelming at first, but once you get used to it you won’t be disappointed.


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