God was wrong.

Last year, I started working on a nonfiction book about the difference between self-confidence and confidence in God. It was the second time I tried to start a nonfiction piece, and just like it’s predecessor, I stopped. In my feelings about what I was writing and how it directly affected my life, I questioned God. Why give me these topics to write on when I was far from an expert?

No one would listen to me about preparing to be a wife and I wasn’t even in a relationship. No one would listen to me about having confidence in God when I doubted Him everyday. What were you getting at, Lord?

I may not be as well versed as some seasoned saints, but I am familiar with many scriptures in the Bible. God formed me in His image. God knew me before He formed me in my mother’s womb. He fearfully and wonderfully made me. He chose me. He sent His son to died for me. All that good stuff.

I’ve known all of this for quite some time. But I can’t seem to reach my weight goal. I can’t pay off credit cards because I’m in over my head. I can’t be a best seller. I won’t ever be a wife or mother.

God is still great. He’s awesome…I’m just not.

Was God wrong about me? Of course not! He can never be wrong. Matter of fact, there is only one thing God can’t do and that’s fail.

So who told me I had the authority to contradict what He said about me?

I cannot be a believer, I cannot proclaim the Good News, I cannot worship and praise God, if I don’t believe what He says about me.

Circumstances, situations, feelings…all these things change. God does not. His word does not. So how do I keep my mind from focusing on these interchangeable issues instead of focusing on the One who never changes?

In the words of Canton Jones…I’ma stay saved!

The battle of the mind is a daily war. Feed that positivity. Feed the spirit and not the flesh. Start a grateful journal. (Read my friend’s blog about this process if you don’t know what it is.) Do whatever you have to do to replace your cants with God’s cans.

He wasn’t wrong about you. He never will be.


6 thoughts on “God was wrong.

  1. stefward321 says:

    This is great Christian!! I, too, have found myself in a state of questioning God and His plans for me. Doesn’t seem possible to achieve such outrageous accomplishments without proper training, experiences or even resources, but through Christ all things are possible! God has prequalified, preordained, predestined and prepared us for that which He has called us to do and to become. This is where our faith & trust comes in. God is in control and we need to trust Him. He knows where we are and where He desires for us to be; we need to have faith in His calling. I believe we all struggle with this at some point. Even those that are not of faith say the way to success is to take risks! It’s risky to operate in the unknown. For those of us who believe, it’s an act of faith! Go ahead…write that book! Give that advice! Book that trip! Invest in your faith! Step out! God’s got your back!

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