Shut up and let God work.

So, that title was for me. I wasn’t telling you to shut up. Please don’t leave…keep reading! 😀

A few weeks ago, I participated in an awesome event called Frizz Fest. Created by Frizzy by Nature (look her up on IG), Frizz Fest is a natural beauty festival to encourage self-love and inspire confidence among women.

Before I talk about the event, I want to explain something to those who don’t know. I have two businesses: I own and operate Dynamic Image Publications ( and I am an independent distributor with itWorks Global ( Both of these businesses allow me to participate in vendor events where I can meet people and reach out personally.

Vendor events don’t go well for me.

My expectations are usually high with no plan of action. I hardly make any connections and a lot of times I just feel lost. I was absolutely tired of this feeling. So the morning of Frizz Fest, I woke up, took an amazing shower, did my devotion and said a prayer I’ve never said before.

“Lord, I pray that you allow me to touch the right people today and to sale all of my books.”

What’s wrong with this prayer? Nothing right. It’s simple and to the point. I’ve never prayed it because I thought it was wrong. I didn’t think that the prayer was wrong, I just felt like I didn’t deserve to ask for that and expect it to happen.

We often talk ourselves out of God’s blessings because we don’t believe we are worthy. I didn’t have any valid reason not to believe that God would do that for me other than I make mistakes and often don’t obey Him. But guess what He did…EXACTLY what I asked.

I have been a published author since 2009. This was the first time I’d ever sold out of inventory at a vendor event. First time ever! In almost 10 years!

The people who came to my table were so excited to meet an author. They were proud of my accomplishments. They took pictures with me and got excited when I asked their name to sign the book. It was so hard for me to contain my emotions. I’m not sure if they knew that I was more grateful and excited to meet them than they were me. I even met a young woman who directly connected with one of my characters. It was just beyond amazing.

I cried in the car. LOL. But seriously, I did. Not only was this event such a blessing to me, but God taught me one of those Daddy lessons that I won’t ever forget. I swear I heard him say, “Shut up and let me work, child.”

“Alright Daddy…I got it.”

Lesson learned.

Check out more on Frizz Fest!


5 thoughts on “Shut up and let God work.

  1. Tiffany says:

    That’s awesome Cash, glad to hear that you were able to experience God WORK in response to your prayer. Also happy that you sold out of all your inventory and readers were happy to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

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