Don’t be petty…be positive.

Have you ever had such an awesome day that you didn’t want to tell anyone about it? Something so awesome happened and you decided to keep it to yourself? If you answered no to both of those questions, why not? What made you want to share your good news with anyone?

We see a lot of people who are releasing negative energy and making sure any and everyone around them is producing positive vibes. That’s great! Life won’t be perfect but striving to be drama free reduces stress and encourages creativity.

But why keep those good vibes to yourself?

Despite what that tee shirt says, it’s not always cute to be petty…matter of fact..its hardly ever really cute.

Negative people don’t often like to be told that they are negative. So don’t do that, but social media is a great way to pass your positive vibes on.

Be genuine

People connect with people. You don’t have to put all your business on social media to be relatable. Share an uplifting quote or podcast that helped you through a tough time, share a picture of beautiful scenery, comment and interact with people you follow. Just be open and respectful to others’ journeys. You’d be surprise how you can end up making someone else’s day with a compliment as simple as “nice smile”, “love your hair”, “have a good day”, or even “good morning.” Genuine kindness goes a long way.

Be compassionate

You may not have the same struggles as someone else, but it does not discount yours or theirs. Sometimes we can’t see the signs that someone is dealing with a lot, but sometimes we can. Reach out to someone and see how they are doing. Call them. Invite them out. You don’t always have to go out of your way to show support. Just being present can help a lot.

Be purposeful

A great journey to anywhere is never a straight line. Don’t give up! Don’t compare your chapter two to someone else’s chapter ten. Live your life how it makes you happy. You cannot give and spread love and light if you have none inside. Make sure you are purposeful in taking responsibility for your own happiness. Others can learn a lot more from what you do than what you say. Being an example is the best way to share good vibes.

In the words of Daley, “take the feeling and pass it on!”


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