Pinkies Down.

On Sunday, July 16, Creations by Kidada hosted the inaugural Mother Daughter tea at Bread of Life Christian Fellowship Church.

Kidada and her staff transformed the dining hall of the church into an authentic Parisian tea, complete with nice linens, gorgeous tea cups and the perfect finger foods.

Kidada started the event with an etiquette lesson for the daughters. Showing them how their places were set and which silverware to use during the tea. Each young girl paid attention with wide eyes while sitting pretty at their tables.

After the etiquette lesson, the women at the Mother Daughter tea enjoyed delicious foods that are imperative to any proper tea party. Cucumber sandwiches, fruits and cheeses, biscuits and jam. The desserts ranged from biscotti, strawberry shortcakes, macaroons and other bite size treats. We can’t forget the main ingredient: TEA! Each table had their own unique teapot and sugar cubes. There were several flavors of tea, including apple cinnamon, black tea and my favorite Chai tea.

The young girls participated in a fashion show where they displayed their tea attire, beautiful smiles, and confidence. It was refreshing to see them strut their stuff with conviction. The matching smiles on their mother’s faces did not go unnoticed. These girls were not afraid to shine and it was evident they were taught that way.

Kidada has hosted many events in the area. Her Father-Daughter/Mother-Son dances are anticipated events every year. This is the first Mother Daughter tea for mothers to enjoy some quality time with their daughters while learning new things.

One thing in particular was the proper way to drink tea. It has been known that while drinking tea, it is proper to raise the pinkie on the hand holding the cup. This has been portrayed in many commercials, movies and television shows for years. We found out the anchoring your pinkie under the teacup actually give you more control and stability than raising your pinkie up in the air.

Creations by Kidada specializes in full-service bridal consulting and upscale event planning. Creations by Kidada also does event rentals, including chair covers and quality linens. To find out more about Creations by Kidada, visit their page on Facebook or at

Here are more pictures from the Mother Daughter tea.


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