Come Back Kids

Chile, I get exhausted with all these media headlines and stories about former child stars ruining their lives. It seems like fame at a young age has a way of destroying dreams. It amazes me how much society is obsessed with watching people run themselves into the ground.

Well, we are all about recovery over here! There are a few of my favorite celebs who have beautifully shown what it looks like to follow a dream and be persistent after a fall. You know them, you love them…but they are often underrated. Not only are these celebs talented, but their determination and drive is a lesson we can all learn from.


Naturi Haughton

One word. Power. Everybody is watching it. Everybody is talking about it. I’ll admit, I wasn’t on the Power train until this season, and even still I have moments were I am completely over the show. With the season finale coming up this Sunday, I’ll be glad for the emotional break from it. Mrs. Tasha St. Patrick aka Naturi is no new comer to fame. Naturi was in a popular girl group called 3LW. Their career was short lived (well, Naturi’s part in the group was even shorter). She’s showcased her voice on many episodes of Power, but she was definitely shaded in the group she was in. Rumors were that with her being the only dark skinned member, the others treated her some type of way. After taking years off, she showed up as Lil Kim in Notorious and now she’s thriving on Power. Although her role is a little risky, Naturi always carries herself with class on appearances and interviews. Pushing through her failed music career to major acting success, Naturi is the definition of a comeback kid!



Jhene Aiko

Jhene’s Sailing Souls album did something to me. I probably listened to it for days when it came out. Not only was it good music but I was super proud to see her back in music. Many don’t remember, but since I was obsessed with all things B2K, I did. Jhene was apart of The Ultimate Group, or TUG as you could hear Marques Houston or B2K shout out on any given song. She had a few songs that were featured as bonus tracks on B2K’s album, but never really got her own shine. The first time I heard her again was on a Drake song. Finding her own lane and making her own sound has worked well for her.


Jussie Smollet and Jurnee Smollet-Bell

If you didn’t feel Eve’s pain when she found out her sister lied about their dad trying to touch her in Eve’s Bayou, you need to check your pulse. These siblings, along with the rest of the Smollet gang, are very present from drama television to the food network. I love everything about them. A lot of people don’t know they had their own show, On Our Own, in 1994. The series didn’t last long and we didn’t really hear big news from the family past Eve’s Bayou until recently. Jussie is one of the main characters of the hit show Empire and Jurnee has been in several movies and is killing it on Underground (which was sadly cancelled).



Tia and Tamera

Sista, sista! You sang that! Don’t lie! I always have a spot in my heart for these twins. Sister, Sister was a daily ritual for me growing up and now watching them thrive in their individual careers is so inspiring. No scandals, very family-oriented and not to mention gorgeous! Tia and Tamera represent the small percentage of child stars who did not allow fame to ruin their morals. I just love them!


Being in the spotlight is a very heavy responsibility. Thank God a lot of us can deal with our recovery in private or on a much smaller scale. Since media and entertainment is such a big part of our lives, it’s very motivational to be able to look at these comeback kids and realize it can be done the right way.

Who is your favorite childhood star who is still thriving?



5 thoughts on “Come Back Kids

  1. Lady Silk says:

    I loved this post! And I used to watch on our own and was amazed at how the whole Smollet family (wasn’t it like 6 of them lol) could act. I probably still have their photos in one of my Word Up or Right On magazines somewhere in here lol.

    But my favorite comeback without a doubt is Naturi! Those 3LW girls did her so dirty but she did not let it stop her glo up! Great article!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alethea says:

    Some of my favourite talents. I love Jhene Aiko. Bought her album and listened to it on repeat when me and my BF were going through a rough patch a few years back. That album she did is still magic to me to this day. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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