December Rules: I’m winging it.

The amazing, and most disturbing thing about being a blogger to me, is realizing that people are actually reading your work. When you start out, you have these high hopes that you are worth reading, but once you see those views, likes, and comments…it gets real!

This should always be amazing right? Well, it is…when I’m doing what I should be. Which is writing. I haven’t written a blog in weeks. I’ve been pretty stuck on the business side of things with my editing clients and getting my new author’s project ready for publishing. Although these are great problems to have, it’s no excuse, because writing is definitely my first love.

I am grateful to December for providing so many blogging ideas throughout the web world and giving me incentive to get back to the heart of things. So, I’m challenging myself to write daily mini blogs on my December rules.

We all take December as a reflection month, one of reminiscing as well as preparation for the new year. My December rules will reflect only on blessings, people who have inspired me, things that I’ve learned and lessons I plan to take into the new year.

December Rule # 1. It’s okay to wing it.

I posted a meme on my IG page, (@christiancashelle: if you feel led to follow me please comment that you came from the blog :D) that made mention of people saying they are proud of me when I’m winging life. It’s a funny meme, but the reality is that winging it is okay!

Not being sure of yourself or your next move is okay when you are trying something new. IT’S NEW! Of course you don’t know how it’s going to go. You have no idea the extent of God’s blessings for you, but that’s not what’s important. Obedience is. A lot of successful people will tell you that they weren’t 100 percent sure of their next move, they just knew they had to make one. Research and preparation is fine, but make sure you put some action behind that. Even if you aren’t all the way ready to move…go ahead and wing it.

It’s okay to have a few hiccups along the way. It’s okay to switch up a route while learning on the job. It’s not okay to keep your dreams and goals on hold and end up missing your opportunity altogether.

So if you have to wing it, so be it! Faith it ’til you make it!



2 thoughts on “December Rules: I’m winging it.

  1. Dee Dee says:

    Faith it ‘till you make it. I like that. I too have been slacking on my blog. Time is not my friend. And I have been a victim of prep and research and no action. I’m an information hoarder so I would fall victim all the time. But, I’m wiser now. Ha!

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