December Rules: Give the gift of Goodbye

A few years ago while at a women’s empowerment event in Nashville, something one of the speaker’s said will never leave me.

Whether its a personal relationship or a business relationship, learn the gift of goodbye.

I remember thinking of how simple, but powerful the concept was. She went on to point out how most of us are in business. The relationship has to be beneficial to all parties involved. When it becomes a burden, we cut it off. No hesitation. No excuses. We just say goodbye.

We have to have that same mentality with personal relationships. We hold on to things out of obligation that’s pretty much false. You don’t owe anyone anything. They don’t owe you anything. So why do we make ourselves and others miserable by holding on to a dead relationship?

Granted..some things can be fixed if they are worth fixing. A lot of times, space does the trick. However, saying goodbye to someone could be beneficial for not only you but them as well. It doesn’t have to be malicious or extreme. Just clean cut and to the point.

So today’s December rule is to evaluate people and situations in your life. Decide who belongs there and who doesn’t. Don’t have a clue? Pray about it. Think about what you want in life and if that person fits. If not…gift them with goodbye.


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