December Rules: Process your feelings

Okay…so I definitely didn’t make it to 31 December Rules. It’s okay, don’t judge me. One thing I will definitely be working on in 2018 is consistency!

However, I have a very valid reason as to why I haven’t kept up with my December Rules. I’ve been working! I was fully booked with editing clients for the month of December. Although that keeps me away from my own writing, it is such a good problem to have.

Now! On to today’s December Rule:

Process your feelings!

As a community, we don’t like to seem weak. When someone fails or messes up, they are made fun of. Social media has taken this to a whole other level. It’s amazing how many “perfect people” sit behind their keyboards and judge the actions of others.

One thing I notice is that people love to seem so well put together or unbothered. No one wants to admit they are hurt or sad by something. When the feelings boil up an explode in a very dangerous way, we like to play ignorant to the fact that the signs were there all along.

Processing your feelings in moments of tragedy (big or small) will always allow recovery to take place sooner than later. Process your feelings. They are very real. If you are sad or mad..feel that! If you are happy…live in that! Take a moment to understand exactly what you are feeling and why. You can’t fight a battle blind. Knowing how to recovery means you know what you need to recovery from.

If you don’t have anyone to vent to, try a notebook. Getting your feelings out is a great way to look at them from another perspective and see how to deal with them.

It’s okay to feel, but you have to push past that to the next step. Otherwise you’ll just be stuck in the same place…in your feelings.


Happy Recovering, loves!


3 thoughts on “December Rules: Process your feelings

  1. Dee Dee Wheaton says:

    I am going to add therapy to your suggestion list. Sometimes a good dose of therapy will help you process that boiling pot of feelings. Well, it helped me at least.

    Liked by 1 person

    • christiancashelle says:

      Yes! I just spoke with a friend about this last night. An unbiased opiniOn to filter through everything is definitely a good idea


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