The beauty in the journey.


Some people go through life never knowing or fulfilling their purpose. Others are fortunate enough to learn early on and some don’t figure it out until later in life.

For a while, I was stuck in between.

I’ve known since I was eight years old that God had placed a very special thing inside of me that I love to call, the writing bug. I was never shy about it; I always wanted to write. However, as the years went by and life happened, I realized I had no idea what to write.

I have been a published author since 2009, specializing in urban fiction. I love my babies, each character has a special place in my heart, but it wasn’t until I wrote Revisions of Life, that I realized my writing bug was meant for a lot more than just entertaining stories about hood dreams and drug deals.

“How can I help others when it seems at times I can’t help myself?”

My gift is not for entertainment. It’s for uplifting and empowering God’s people.

But how can I help others when it seems at times I can’t help myself?

This is the question that has kept me from starting this blog. Fiction is easy. Fiction is a world that I can create the scenery, where I make all the rules, I forsee any drama and decide the outcome. Real life doesn’t work that way. But I can still use my gift to help myself as well as others. I can help you find your road to recovery by sharing mine.

Recovery is defined as the act or process of returning to a normal state after a period of difficulty. Life is nothing but a series of courses in a journey and sometimes those courses are difficult. We like to move on as if unaffected by these hard times. Without addressing them and finding the root of the problem, we are not actively recovering.

So when we try to go into another course, we are still wounded by the past; which results in unfair assumptions and new pain to deal with. If we took the time to process and heal, we could have recovered and learned the lesson that God expected us to learn; making the next course a little less difficult.

See the difference?

As a Christian, as a black woman, as a family member, as a friend, as an entrepreneur: I should always be actively recovering from something. This is not always easy, but it’s not always hard.

As I near the end of my 20’s (help me Jesus) my objective is to focus on three areas of recovery: spiritually/mentally, physically and financially.

“The act or process of returning to a normal state after a period of difficulty.”

I would love to share my journey with you. I will not only keep you posted on my revelations, discoveries, and applications in my daily life, but I would love to hear and share in your journeys as well.

We can treat this like an AA meeting. No one is perfect. My word is not law. But if my gift can help me heal and assist others in doing the same…I’ll share anyway.

Hello, my name is Christian Cashelle…and I’m recovering.


11 thoughts on “The beauty in the journey.

  1. Montriece Cathcart says:

    I LOVE THIS! This is very touching and relatable because we are all recovering. A lot of us are suffering and don’t even realize it! Hi, I’m Montriece, and I am recovering. I’m recovering from my addiction of potential and facing reality. I believe with acceptance of reality and learning to move forward positively, I will recover and become stronger and wiser than before!

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  2. Candace says:

    Hello my name is Candace and I’m recovering! I so love this and glad that God placed this on your heart! Keep empowering women! 😘 Together we can make a difference!

    Liked by 2 people

    • christiancashelle says:

      We all we got! Lol but seriously, too many of us are trying to compete when we can be helping each other heal and all win together! Thanks for reading!


  3. Vickie Golden says:

    Omgoodness, I just knew we were kindred spirits. You’ve awakened something in me that’s been dormant for sooooo many years. I am teary eyed as I’m entering each letter. Thank you for sharing and a greater thanks to you for inviting me to partake. I’m overwhelmed but I know that we are ALL recovering!!! Your brave heart is my inspiration. I will eventually do my own blog and I will shout you out for the courage to do so. I so adore you.


    • christiancashelle says:

      Yes ma’am! God always knows what He’s doing! I can’t wait to read yours! I just know your testimony is going to help some people heal!


  4. lorigreer says:

    Your lovely post impressed me with its honesty. We all are on the same journey of self-discovery and dealing with our own demons. I look forward to learning more about you and your world. Good luck with your blog. You have made a great start.

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