Nobody respects a quitter.

Being inconsistent sucks.

Because I can’t think of anything worse right now than starting over.

Starting over with my financial recovery. Starting over with my clean eating. Starting over with exercising. Starting over in my celibacy journey.

But truth is, I’ve stopped each of these things more than I’ve started them. Each time I slip, the inevitable happens: I sit and wonder why I wasn’t strong enough to stick to the plan. Why can’t I resist? Why do I give in so easily? Why do I keep spending money I shouldn’t be spending? Why did I eat that much food today?

Why do I quit on my goals and dreams so much?

Why. Why. Why?

I can’t for the life of me answer this question. It’s debilitating to think about. Which is why I am trying not to. It doesn’t help. Well, maybe knowing why would help me conquer it, but right now, it’s useless.

So, I’m trying to look past the why and focus on the actual process of not quitting anymore. Easier said than done right? Quitting is so comfortable….until it’s not anymore.

Here are four tips on how to stop letting setbacks keep you from pushing forward.

Remember who you are.

My faith is rooted in Christ. I believe Him for so many things, but the hardest thing is believing what He says about me. In my mind, it has nothing to do with Him and everything to do with me not feeling worthy. However, the truth is I cannot say that I believe Him to be my Savior and not believe what He says about me. I cannot

Remember why

Remember that moment you got to the top of the stairs and realized you almost couldn’t breathe? Or that time you went back to your ex and immediately hit yourself in the head because nothing changed? Or that time you missed out on a very huge business opportunity because you weren’t prepared? Yeah, remember that. Missed opportunities are amazing lessons on how staying ready do you don’t have to get ready is always the best way to live. Nobody starts out awesome. Even the most successful people who tell you that they worked harder than anyone they know. Keep that feeling of defeat with you in order to keep yourself from quitting. If you need a visual, make a dream board or print out some inspiring quotes. Do WHATEVER it is that you need to do to remember why you decided to change in the first place.


Find the root of your problem.

I know I mentioned to let this go earlier, but if you are anything like me then you laughed at how absurd that sounded. Of course you have to find out the reason you quit at life every other Wednesday. How will you ever get passed it if you don’t? Most people are scared of success. There is a lot of responsibility with achieving your dreams, I get it. Until their fear of staying stagnant is greater, there won’t be an ultimate need for change. So evaluate where you are. While you are grateful for your current blessings, realize how uncomfortable it would be to remain in that same place a year, month, week or day from now. That should help you get going.

Forgive yourself.

I don’t even know why I’m saying this. There are so many things I cannot forgive myself for. Personally, I always say I forgive myself, but once that hurt comes back, I realize I’m not over it. If I would have never lost my virginity in the first place, I wouldn’t be struggling with celibacy. If I had been financially responsible in college, I wouldn’t be in debt. If I would have been active as a child, I wouldn’t be on this yoyo weight loss journey.

All of this is my fault.

Use your guilt. Don’t hold it in and beat yourself up every day because you failed at something. Your heart is still beating, you are still breathing. Take the time to reconnect with why you started what you started….and STOP QUITTING.

That last paragraph was solely for me. Matter of fact, I’m going to print it out and post it at my desk because I needed that.

The famous quote, “once a quitter, always a quitter” was crafted by the devil himself. So you know what that means….it’s a lie!

Let that lie go.






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