A 30’s life crisis is real

So, I’ve only been 30 for about a month and I already feel as if I’m failing at it. Now, I haven’t lost sight of my goals, however this train to success seems to be moving a lot slower than I’d hoped.


I am currently in the process of trying to relocate. I know, if you know me personally you are saying that I’ve been saying that for years. Shut up…this isn’t about you.

Filling out job applications and trying to wait patiently for a reply is not sitting well with my spirit.

I am a very random person. I wanted to cut my hair.

And that was the moment I knew something wasn’t right. I’ve been #TeamNoHeat and #TeamNoDye since November in attempts to get my curls to bra strap length. So when the overwhelming feeling to get my hair cut came over me a few days ago, I knew I needed some divine intervention. When I have felt stuck or stalled in the past, I’ve always gone to my hair for release.

The 30’s life crisis is real. No, really. I looked it up. Not to be confused with the mid-life crisis where you’ve been at the same job over 20 years and just realized it sucks or you’re unhappy in your marriage and by a motorcycle to overcompensate for your failing health. A 30’s life crisis is more like, “oh snap…I really need to have my life together now because I’m 30.”

I want to say my plans are solid, but compared to some of my closest friends, I’m behind on paper. No husband. No children. No solid career. Two budding businesses that have high potential yet currently stress me to no end. This is fun.

Your crisis may not look like mine. Here are some signs you could be suffering in silence.

Desire to run away

Unexpected anger

Sudden interest in new things

Unexplained periods of depression

Looking into the mirror and being unrecognizable to yourself

Extreme changes in your diet

Extreme physical changes

I’m sure we could add a little or a lot to this list, but you get the picture. The question now is what are we going to do about it? No point in sitting and crying in the car. Here’s a pretty common list of productive things to do to combat the age blues.

A new look

Although I am not going near the scissors, that may be the move for you. Always wanted a pixie cut? Get it! Stop being scared to try new things with your look. Try on a shade of lipstick you always thought was too bold for you. Find some styles on Pinterest or mimic your favorite celeb and create a new look for yourself? Try a different nail color! (you’d be surprised at how many people have been wearing the same color for years.) Be brave. Best part about this is, it can be fixed. Haircut doesn’t come out right? They do amazing things with wigs and weaves nowadays.

A new diet

This is probably one of the most productive, or can be. I stopped eating a lot of heavy foods and meats, but I haven’t fully committed to a new lifestyle. There are so many new ways of living and the internet has made it super easy for us. Pinterest is full of recipes for vegans, pescatarians, and vegetarians. Even if only for a few weeks, try one out and see if it helps offer a life-changing experience.

A new hobby

Read a book, read a book…okay, I won’t finish that quote but you get the point. Find a cause to get into in your community. Join an organization or a book club. Take up a class at your local gym. There are so many options and so many ways to start new things. We have to stop being afraid of not being good at them. Why not try it before you decide? We often get caught up in societal views of what we should do, but you must break free of that and try it for yourself. Spin class. Sewing. Painting. Swimming. Yoga. So many options. Try one. Try them all. Just do something new!

What are a few things you’d like to try? I’ll let you in on the ones I chose in a few weeks. šŸ˜€


5 thoughts on “A 30’s life crisis is real

  1. stefward321 says:

    Today marks year 32 of my life, so I completely understand! Been through some of the pitfalls of 30 already, but I made it through. Still have a few lingering regrets, but I’ll let those turn into motivation to do better, to be better. One thing I had to learn was not to compare myself to others because, let’s face it…I’m not them. We were all designed to take different paths for different reasons. At this age, we must learn to love ourselves and be content in where we are, not to be confused with complacent. Love self, live life and no more regrets!!! Now is the time to do you!!!

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  2. Vany says:

    God knows I’m still going through it and I am quickly approaching 31. I did a lot of emotional eating and managed to cut my hair in the process. These are just some of the things that I did while going through my 30’s life crisis. But hang in there, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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