It could be worse

Have you ever noticed that you complain too much? I've caught myself just complaining about life a few times. My job is irritating. My twist out didn't come out right. I was passed over for a promotion. My book sales are low. Blah. Blah. Blah. We are very self absorbed people. It's the nature of … Continue reading It could be worse


Pinkies Down.

On Sunday, July 16, Creations by Kidada hosted the inaugural Mother Daughter tea at Bread of Life Christian Fellowship Church. Kidada and her staff transformed the dining hall of the church into an authentic Parisian tea, complete with nice linens, gorgeous tea cups and the perfect finger foods. Kidada started the event with an etiquette … Continue reading Pinkies Down.

God was wrong.

Last year, I started working on a nonfiction book about the difference between self-confidence and confidence in God. It was the second time I tried to start a nonfiction piece, and just like it’s predecessor, I stopped. In my feelings about what I was writing and how it directly affected my life, I questioned God. … Continue reading God was wrong.

Pursuit of a Ring

After years and years of not getting what you want, it’s time to let go. But don’t just let go and move on to another failed relationship, be smart and level up.